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Jbone Aka Jusbizness: Dream Catcher
Jbone: Como Estas
Jbone: Black Girls Anthem
Jbone Aka Jusbizness: CBS Album. "Cant Buy Swag"

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Jbone Aka Jusbizness: Dream Catcher



J-bone AKA “Jusbizness” was born and raised in Staten Island New York. J-bone became immersed in the hip-hop culture at an early age. An accomplished DJ, J-bone started spinning at local parties while shaping his lyrical skills free-styling for crowds. The buzz attributed from his DJ abilities and his verbal technique began to create an enormous buzz around Staten Island. In late 1998, J-bone hooked up with fellow Island lyricist NE’s and Kool Kim ( U.M.C’s ) to form the group, The Unforgiven; this experience led to underground performances with artists such as Natural Elements, the Outsidaz and Supernatural. In 2000, J-bone received a record deal with 212 Records, an independent label, and major distribution from WEA. His single, “Same to me”, was featured in stores worldwide and on New York radio station WBLS as well as other underground stations. J-bone was featured on mixtapes such as The Next 24 exclusive products of Essential Entertainment sponsored by JVC and Sean John. J-bone also appeared on DJ Kay Slay Streets Sweepers and various other underground mix tapes. J-bone attended the Hip Hop Impact Convention in Miami and was featured in December 2000's issue of The Source Magazine. Despite J-bones deep infiltration of the music industry, poor marketing left J-bone wondering what his next move would be. J-bone started a group with his childhood friends, Hakim (Dramadeus), Pat (Sham Rock), Keith (Lyph), and Ike (Pitty). The group was called F.U.  Forever United. They made several mixtapes that were featured on independent films such as "Bloody Streets" and were well known in the NY streets for their raw delivery and diverse styles. The group was full of talent, but lacked communication and work ethic. As time passed, the group members grew apart and went their separate ways. J-bone stayed in touch with his friends Hakim (Dramadeus) and Patrick (Sham Rock). J-bone moved down to Virginia in late 2003 and continued to work on his music. It wouldn’t be long before another musical element would be added to his fiery chemistry. In 2001, Jbone was introduced to Alicia Coston (stage name "Lanae Jewalz") by his cousin Antoine. After one trip to the studio to record “Dedication (pretty thug)” which they leisurely collaborated on, they realized they made magic and the rest is history. J- Bone and Lanae became a group (Divercity) thereafter and collaborated on several songs with Lanae’s younger brother, Kay Costin. In 2003 they came close to signing a major deal with Sony records. Due to complications and egos the deal fell through and J-bone was back to square one. It wasn't long before J-bone linked up with one of the most humble and talented producers he had ever worked with. His name was Eugene Singleton, known better as "G-DOGG". J-bones older cousin Dre introduced them to each other; Gene was Dre's father's best friend. Dre told his father about his cousin J-bone and he insisted that J-bone and Gene meet. When J-bone and Gene met in his apartment in Harlem, they had an instant connection. They created the GRIP-HOP MOVEMENT which is "music that grabs the attention". They also formed W.A.R. "we are real" Entertainment. J-bone and Gene started making hits that were buzzing from VA to NY. They put out mixtapes, soundtracks, and singles. In the summer of 2009 they shot their first video in VA. The single "GET $UM" was off J-bones latest and best project the CBS album (CANT BUY SWAG). Unfortunately, Gene passed away from cancer in March 2010. This hit J-bone very hard, because 6 months before he lost his best friend and rhyme partner for many years, Hakim Wilson "Dramadeus da Greatest". A week before his friend passed, J-bones older brother, Colin, was shot seven times but was fortunate to survive. This brought J-bone closer to his brother, and now they have a much stronger bond. Gene did not get to hear the finished CBS album, but J-bone promised to keep Gene's and Hakim's legacy alive. J-bone continues to grind and work hard, putting out good music for the entire globe. He now resides in the DMV with the other half of Divercity, his wife Alicia Coston. She is an established author and owner of a publishing company called Indigo Press LLC. J-bone is also co-owner of Indigo Press, and mentors at-risk kids at treatment centers and other facilities. Jbone was an independent artist with no major management team, but still able to get songs from his CBS album featured on two major television networks; “When I’m Gone” was featured on VH1’s Single Ladies Episode 5 while “Rock Star” was featured on MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 Episode Aaron Rock Star 21. In fall of 2015 Jbone released his latest project "Dream Catcher" a true authentic hip-hop album with a variety of songs that people can vibe to. Jbone's music is unique and he continues to be true to himself by putting out profanity-free hip-hop that inspires and motivates people to progress in life and enjoy it as well.